The ACM give Australian Cartoons a home, where they are looked after, loved and shared forever, giving cartoonists and their fans a never ending resource to learn from – after all, these are our Australian cartoon’s living legacy.

Mission Statement

The Australian Cartoon Gallery & Museum’s primary mission is to develop a comprehensive research collection documenting Australian printed cartoon art, to organise the materials, and to provide access to these resources.
The scope of the collection includes:

  • editorial cartoons
  • comic strips
  • comic books
  • graphic novels
  • sports cartoons
  • magazine cartoons
  • animation materials


Jim Bridges got a job as a cleaner for Ansett Airlines, and one of his jobs was to throw out all the newspapers and magazines left on the planes.

He started collecting all the strips, caricatures, political and pocket cartoons from the newspapers and magazines. After 12 years of doing this he has built up a collection of about 3 million cartoons and article clippings. Combined with a large number of books, toys and numerous cartoon related paraphernalia.

Thirty-seven years later his dream was realised ”The Australian Cartoon Museum” a home for this amazing collection of Australian cartoon history.


Jim Bridges President
Ross Montalti Manager
Aina Crawford Secretary
Frantz Kantor Cartoon Diplomat
Thomas Rayner IT Guy

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