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Become A Patron

You may have noticed that the ACM doesn’t have memberships. Currently we are using the Patreon system. Which is basically a tip jar to support the work of the Australian Cartoon Museum.

  • The system works like this:
  • If you pledge us $5 a month you receive a cartoon certificate from the Museum with your name in gold lettering.
  • If you pledge $10 a month you will receive all the daily cartoons from all over Australia a week after publication, plus on Saturdays, you will get the weekly round-up (shortened version) of the best cartoons for the week.
  • To get the same amount of cartoon material each month would cost you in the hundreds of dollars.
  • That’s a huge saving, virtually the cost of 3 coffees a week.
  • At the moment this is our only regular income.
  • See Patreon page for details.
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