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Caricature The Sequel


Some of the caricatures in the exhibition are very funny, very sad and very revealing.

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  1. Thanks for the material on Caricature – very valuable to students of animation (I’m thinking character design & development). Just thought I’d share this, re perceptual psychologist James J. Gibson’s interest in how caricature ‘works’:

    “The cartoonist’s drawing of a man [sic] is not even a faithful projection of the shape of his features and his body. It does not represent his curves and contours. We say that it is distorted, which can only mean that the man represented is a deformed or distorted man. But this statement is somehow not right. The caricature may be faithful to those features of the man that distinguish him from all other men and thus may truly represent him in a higher sense of the term. It may correspond to him in the sense of being uniquely specific to him more so than a projective drawing or a photographic portrait would be.”

    Gibson,‘ J. J. ‘The Information Available in Pictures’, Leonardo, Vol. 4, No. 1. (Winter, 1971), pp. 27-35.

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