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Current Exhibition – “Land in the shape of an Ashtray”

Australia The Cartoon

The exhibition is a reprise of what Rolf Heimann and Jim Bridges did 30 years ago at the Comedy Festival. But this time around we updated with a lot of current stuff from guys still lucky to have a job.

We figured it was a good exhibition for the Museum to start off with, as its’ broad range took in the whole of Australian History and a lot of its’ cartoonists and it would give audiences a better idea of what exhibitions were to come in the future.

Yes, all of the cartoons had a map of Australia somewhere in each picture.

The exhibition also has quite a few humorous old advertisements using the shape of our country as its’ source material.

Jeff Hook cartoons were popular as young and old looked for the tiny hooks that Jeff has hidden in his pictures over the years.

The Exhibition runs till the 4th March 2018

Best times to visit between 11am – 4pm Wednesday – Sunday

The Australian Cartoon Museum

Wharf Street
SE F04/05 (DAC1.2)
Level 1 Docklands District 3008

Tram Stop D11 Docklands Drive

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