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The Gallery Opening

Danny, Aina, Jim

Well, after 40 years of trying the Australian Cartoon Museum finally opened its’ doors on the 15th December 2017 in the dying days of last year.

It was opened by Heidi Victoria, Shadow Minister for the Arts, who turned up two hours too early, said she had a later booking as well, but had so much fun, she stayed and enjoyed the place. About 76 people turned up and were fed, wined and entertained.  People were literally suffering from shock, that after all these years, Jim had finally done it.

Besides the main rotating exhibitions, the Museum also has sections on caricature, animation, comics, comic strips, cartoon films, politics and even Twisties (upside down/dual cartoons).  We have a Museum shop that sells 3D cards, and postcards, original cartoons, books, comics and other cartoon material.

Peter Viska (Vice-President) organised the speeches, food and service. Lots of cartoonists attended and realised that they now had a permanent home.  People came from all over with one couple coming from Holbrook, NSW.

Thanks to all the people who painted, glued, computerised, hung, nailed and generally helped over the mad two-week rush to get the Museum open.

The Museum will also run Drawing and Creativity Classes.  It will cater for Public Talks, Book Launches, Anime, Magna and Animation nights.  We also want to have Comedy Nights with cartoons flashed up on the screen in front of the Comedians and Draw-Ins where the Artists draw at the movies.  All Australian Cartoon Association meetings will be conducted at the Museum from now on and the Museum is available for bookings for meetings and seminars.

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